Monday, April 6, 2015

trUst U r a bUtterfly!

Just when the caterpillar 
thought the world was coming to an end,
it became a butterfly . . .


Yesterday I shared that bUttErFLieS have been showing up for me lately. Have you ever had an animal friend keep showing up for you over and over until it gets your attention!? 
Sometimes animals can be called totems--- Webster's Dictionary defines a totem as: "A natural object, usually an animal that serves as a distinctive, often venerated [respected] emblem or symbol, usually a means of personal or spiritual identity." T he picture at the top of this bLoG is one butterfly that landed on me a few summers ago . . . and guess what? 

The butterfly, of course, is a symbol of transformation and change. I have had a lot of that, well, MY ENTIRE LIFE, haven't you? The problem with change, is our resistance to it. We just don't know what's coming next, which brings me to TRUST.

The butterfly is also a totem of trUst . . . in the Universe, in yoUr gUt, and in yoUr heart (if you dare to follow it, . . . and if you're reading my blog, hopefully it's becoming less of a choice and more of a CA-CA-CALLing). 

Here's the (wake up) CALL:
Hey, you!
Turn off the noise 
Don't be afraid
 . . . you can do this.
I totally have your back.

The butterfly reminds us that we have the ability to transform in our lives; in other words, we get to change the stuff that doesn't work for us anymore--like relationships, behaviors, patterns, and stories that no longer serve us! (Of course, this sucks if we like to blame other people for all of our crappy stuff. . . ) 

SO go(o)D news: WE GET TO CHOOSE! 
Will you answer the most important CALL? Your own?And some of us may have put ourselves on CALL waiting for quite awhile until we are ready, right? But no worries, it's all DIVINE TIMING. (Repeat from yesterday's blog)

The only thing in life
that is constant
is cHaNGe! 
(English teacher need to note irony, here)

Trust in change. When something shifts, it may be tough, of course. What makes it even tougher, is resisting the small (and BIG) changes we face every day. Put down your dukes, and embrace the new space that is opening up for you in your amazing, juicy life! TrUst yo(U) and trust the Universe! 
U will be amazed at the people and circUmstances that will show Up to sUpport yoU!

Heart U,

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