Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chaos & Order

"Chaos & Order"
Deepak Chopra

Have you ever felt like your life was out of control and super-chaotic? Like you can't get your brain and heart around what is going on and you can't find your center? I've been there(here). I usually need to remind myself that a storm comes before calm, just as there is chaos before order can be re-established. And sometimes, I need to rise above it all, and practice self-care. This can be very messy.

The more I do mindful practices like yoga, meditating, and conscious breathing--the more it becomes easier for me to establish order, calm, and even peace in the midst of the stormy, chaotic times in my days, and in the events and relationships in my life. 

But sometimes the hippy(not really) bullshit doesn't fly, and I just need to get MAD. Sometimes we just have to yell, "HELL NO!"

For those of us who need practice at this, yelling (or even saying the word) "NO!"- - can be well, jeesh, damn uncomfortable. 

I yelled NO up the stairs at my daughter today. I was totally legit in my "NO." 

But afterwards, I wanted to clean up my "NO!"

I stood firm in my NO, . . . and guess what? Nobody died. 
I got a little more sass, but not much. 
It's called independence. And I could breathe, and she recovered quickly. My husband and my son also agreed that I was right on (outside affirmation, thank God . . . JK!).

Although the events and data points of a pattern may appear chaotic when we look at them independently of one another, only when we GET LARGER with our perspective, over time, can we actually perceive order within the seeming chaos

That's how we can learn in this school called l(I)fe.

I sound kinda smart ;), huh? 
This stuff continues to melt and drip from my head to my heart. 
Seems like a long journey. 
I am sitting at Caribou by m(I)self on a Friday night, writing. Feels good . . . 

Lots of Love,

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