Wednesday, April 15, 2015

FeeL it . . . fREE iT . . . (part 2)

We all have feelings . . .
What do we do with them?

"Resisting and avoiding pain sucks energy—and time...
The more you let yourself feel those minute-and-a-half hells, 
the quicker you’ll start feeling those minute-and-a-half happinesses."
—  Leigh Newman
Well HeLLo There All!

Got feelings? Yeah, you do . . . Yesterday, I shared a vid from TheChopraWell that described 7 steps we can take to release overwhelmingly toxic feelings. Here's a RaInBoW recap of the steps from the vid:  
  1. Take responsibility for your present emotions
  2. Witness what you are feeling
  3. Label your feelings
  4. Express your feelings
  5. Share your feelings with someone you trust
  6. Release toxic emotions through a ritual
  7. Celebrate the release of the feelings
So, looking a these steps, I am going to give y'all (Ken-tucky) my own interpretation--today, steps 1-3, and then tomorrow, 4 & 5, and I'll end with steps 6, & 7 . . . :0) So, after each of the steps in bLaCK, I added some thoughts and examples from my own life in bLuE:

Spiritual Solutions: Extreme Emotions
  1. Take responsibility for your present emotions: Good reminder! Hmmmn . . . I don't know about you, but I know that I used to be in the habit of BLAMING others (vIcTim) for my emotional state instead of taking ownership of how I feel . . . When we stay in victim mode, we can't take action! (WhEW! pOwER is mine! bwah-hahaha)
  2. Witness what you are feeling: I believe this is about noticing that something emotional is coming up, and just letting it be, or watching it without judgement. The challenge here for me has either been stuffing my feelings back down, ignoring them altogether, or pretending everything is, well, peachy! It also means NO judging yourself for feeling stuff--another challenge for me. Seriously, it's bad enough being sad without also being pissed off at yourself 4 being sad (note: gross layer of judgement . . . EeEw! I feel polluted!)
  3. Label your feelings: like, as in, calling them out as--anger, sadness, fear, loneliness--whatever words work 4 you. NOTE: I used to feel so unpowerful (made up word) that I got really sad and cried when I was actually super mad. Sometimes, anger, and even rage can let us know that our boundaries are not intact--or, in my case--NOT EVEN THERE (p.s. what are boundaries, you may ask? more later!).
SO there are the first 3 steps. I actually think I did these 3 pretty well in the past week . . . the next two? Hmmn . . . not so go(o)D . . . but still my best . . . at the time!
What do you think about these steps? Which ones are hard 4 u? Leave me a comment and let me know!

;o\ siLLy mE (in a GoOD waY . . .)

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