Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Ho Hi ffPeePs!

Anyway, back to my story about trying to get signs from the Universe!)--I was running along a beautiful lake up north, and I wanted the Universe to show me a 4-leaf clover. I looked and looked; I even stopped running to look through the beds of clover for my sign. I actually got a little OCD (there's medication for that!) on it, and spent too much time LoOOooOOooooOOooooking for my 4-leaf cLOVEr! 
Actually, I was getting frustrated, and then a funny feeling came over me:

knew the 4-leaf clover was there, andknew I just couldn't see it! I trusted it was there, and I tried to feel thankful for it!

Lesson learned: I am be grateful for the things I have, even when I can't see them. And, just because I can't see something, DOESN'T MEAN IT'S NOT THERE OR IT DOESN'T EXIST.

And! and...and...(top secret information): if I am grateful for something in advance, it happens sooner and I see it faster!

Pretty DanG cOoL, yO!

:0) lots of hearts!

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