Wednesday, September 2, 2015

trUst in bUtterflies!

Hey tHerE ffps!

More about my newly arrived tOtEm: the bUtTTerFly! And thanks to you for arriving at my bLoG today! The butterfly reminds us about biRtH and reBiRtH and also gently whispers to us:
The only constant in 
life is 
I don't know about you, but when I was a teenager, I sometime felt downright awkward, sluggish, and well, kind of wormISH, in a way (sometimes I still feel like this, btw!). If you think about caterpillars, they are kind of the same . . . gross and not-so-good looking, perhaps? 
Can you believe that yucky wormy caterpillars transform themselves into beautiful and amazing butterflies?

DO you think caterpillars realize their existence
in the dirt with the other worms and bugs is actually

preparing them for their 
most miraculous life 
above the ground in free flight?
Can you imagine the view--
the difference in perspective?!
(gOoSeBuMp alert!)

What if yoUr existence now--with all the fab stuff and the yucky crap, too, is doing the same:

preparing you for yoUr
most miraculous life
above the ground in free flight?

Here's a reveal of a 
first emergence
(nice outfit!)

If you've ever watched a caterpillar spin a cocoon and emerge as a butterfly you may have noticed a couple of things:

the process of transformation takes time; and
trUst that nAtUrE knows what it's doing!

More about transformation and trUst 2-morrow!
Sweet (day & night) dreams!


  1. What did one caterpillar say to the other caterpillar? “My, you’re looking very becoming today!”

  2. OMG you did NOT just post that super so-bad-it's-good joke! PUNaliscious!
    ;) dana