Sunday, September 13, 2015

LoVe iT aLL!

ecard - Listen with your Heart - Sparkle
OMG! I hEaRt this!
(almost typed fart! of course...)
Love, inappropriate me

heY aLL!
You know I have been doing the 21-day Chopra Center meditation--all about love and living from your heart. Well, I have to secretly tell you that I have been living in my head most of my life. And, guess what? My head lies to me daily! With . . .
  • worry about the future!
  • making up crap about what others are thinking!
  • beating me up about my past!
  • saying I'm not good enough (skinny enough, pretty enough, successful enough, cool enough, organized enough, smart enough . . .)
                                       BLAH . . . .

which leads me to my heart (notice red color on purpose . . . )

My heart knows the truth. 
My heart forgives (others and me).
My heart is grateful.
My heart knows everything true.

My heart knows how to love everything and everyone (even if their behavior sucks . . .)!

I have been challenged lately, to "ChOOSe LoVe."

How do u choOse LoVe?
Let me know!

I cHooSe to LovE it ALL & yOU?!
;0) dana

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