Monday, September 21, 2015

we R frEE . . .

noTice the coNNection to my SymBol!

gReEtInGs fun & free people!

. . . a note about the whole name thing, specifically about the word free today. The word free has so many different meanings, doesn't it? . . .
  • free to choose
  • free to speak
  • free to be YOU
  • free to express yourself
  • free to create
  • free to choose your own path
  • free from living from the OUT:side IN
  • free from regret
  • free from the past
Free basically means, unattached from expectations--like, what others think of us (but, like, not to mean you can just do whatever you want, like be cruel or do anything against the law...)

Sometimes, freedom means freely forGIVING people who have hurt us (whether they meant to or not, cuz we can never really know the TRUTH about that; sometimes it's stuff we make up in our head, in our STORIES).

It also means forgiving YOUrs(elf) (like, as in, your mean inner (s)Elf) . . .

When we carry resentment, it actually hurts US (not the person we are mad at . . .). I heard once that holding resentment is like holding a piece of really hot burning coal . . . and expecting the person we are mad at to get burned! Kind of crazy, but true! 

Here is an awesomely inspired video by 
of OprahWinfreyNetwork
about ForGIVEness, letting go, and
Popping Your Problems:

Think about it like this
re-sent-ment is like getting 
                     crappy energy 
                               re-sent (back to) me(nt). 
You'll feel much lighter (money back, guaranteed!)
More later about some ways to do this . . .

Breathe in the light and love!

;) dana

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