Wednesday, September 23, 2015

hApPy (re)bIrThDaY! . . . every (daNg) dAy!

HaPPy bIrThdAy!
50 years ago, I wAs BorN!

deAr fun & frEE pEePles--

yAy! 2-day is my (re)biRtHdAy! . . . and, you know what? I am wondering why I don't think of every single day as my (re)birthday!

Do you remember when we were little, and we spent a lot of time thinking about the celebration of our birthday . . . who we would invite, what we would do, what would be in the treat bags, and we would make a list of presents we wanted and really, what I loved sOSosoSosOs much, was that I would be treated so special and I would look forward to having a day when I was OFF THE HOOK, and I could just BE? and people would leave me BE!

I wonder what it would BE like if I act like every DAY is my BIRTH-DAy? I get to start over every day?

Think about it, yo. The possibility is amazing!

I have to go eat a yummy pink cupcake!
Happy birthday to me!



  1. Happy birthday to you happy bitlrthday to you happy birthday Ms curry happy birthday to you. Enjoy your pink cupcake LOL.