Saturday, September 5, 2015

tRaNsfOrm yoUrself in yoUr own tImE!

hEy aMaZing fUn & fReE buTTer-fLiErs!

I sure have been learning a lot from the amazing and beautiful creatures--butterflies! It's incredible that they start out as lowly earthbound creatures, only to weave their cocoon around themselves tightly in preparation for their transformation into faeries of fanciful flight! (which isn't to say that caterpillars are less than or less bEaUtiFuL than butterflies!)
One thing I have noticed about change, is that it's never on my own tImELinE. Usually, I want something to be different, like YESTERDAY! It could be something about myself, my life, or even somebody else (btw none of my business to change someone else--that's their deal...but I get to choose whether I want to hang out in the relationship and whether the person meets my needs for friendship)!
Remember: We spend a lot of time and energy trying to change others, but timing can be super tricky? How could we ever know when someone else is ready...especially cuz we often don't know when we, ourselves, are ready for stuff? Maybe other people's timing is just NonE of oUr bUsiness!

takes time
that nAtUrE knows what it's doing!

Here is a fab lesson about a guy's attempt to "help" speed up and rescue the process of a butterfly's transformation--guess what happened? the butterfly ends up being banished to the earth forever. Just mAybe this has something to teach us about trUsting tIme...for others and for oUrselves:

Hope you have a beautiful day! YoU are right where yoU need to Be, and so are otHers!
Let it all Be!


  1. Hi ms.curry its me naima thank you for writing these entries it really helps and see life and i feel like im transforming myself to someone different and better then i already was and im still writing poems so yeah thank you for being my teacher this year

  2. You are soSoSos welcome! Have a wonderful, transformative summer! Keep writing!
    ;) Ms. C----