Friday, June 16, 2017

aCCePt it! (pOOp & ) aLL . . .

dEar fUnFrEE pEE(ps) and poOp(S) and pUps!

I played with two of the yummiest sdoG:Gods one summer! Cody--a super chunky monkey Golden Retriever--and his little sister, Ginger--a spunky thang who was gnawing on my hands (and Cody's tail and ears!) throughout the night! What was so interesting was that when Ginger was "playing" with Cody, it was super clear when Cody'd had enough--he put the total squash on her and pawed her in the face (then it would start over, of course. . .)!

I totally believe that dogs are in our lives for a reason--they are SUCH a metaphor for life! Well, I suppose all animals are, but dog is god spelled backwards, SO THERE!

AnY-hOo---the Pooper Scooper Factor reminds us that with the yummy, amazing stuff of life . . . comes, well, the SH!+ ! You know, the total cRaP-oLalalalala!?

And it's really okay . . . cuz without the dark, we wouldn't know the light (and vice-versa). And we can't appreciate awesome stuff, if we never experience hardship or pain. It's all part of the jOurNeY, yO.

aNd . . . it's part of the great balance of life and growth. 

And really, sometimes, when we are in the total depths of the crap-ola---we know it can only get better . . . (and ain't that a relief?)

LeSsOn LeArNed: pOoP is pArT of LiFe . . . & everyone dOeS it! Why fight it?


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