Sunday, June 18, 2017

tHe tIMe Is nOw! bReaThE!


A lot of times, when i'm actually doing something, i'm not really paying attention--like, my mind is elsewhere (like, worrying about the past or the future, of course)and my body is going through the motions of life. sometimes i catch myself watching me (myself, as in, dana) in my own personal movie . . . i'm doing stuff but my mind is totally checked out. . . this bad habit kind of robs me cuz i'm not actually experiencing life--in front of me which is a huge gift!

Go(o)D NeWs: we can choose our habits of thought---and, we can replace old junk that doesn't work anymore, with new and improved habits that make life even mOrE aMaZing!

So HOW do we beComE more pReSent? Here are a few iDeAs:

  • breathe--and pay attention while you do it . . .
  • be in nature--notice our amazing world is!
  • play with kids, animals, and babies--they make you stay in the now!
  • do what you love and live your passion! 
  • try meditating . . . it really calms your mind. 

Have a beautiful day, and remember to 
B     r     e     a     t     h     e !

Lots Of Hugs!
;) dana

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