Monday, June 5, 2017

Amazing Synchronicity Today!

The Durst Quadruplets
Born in Buffalo, MN

Today I was taxicabbing my daughter and her friend after their slumber party, and I had some time to spare. I usually have my computer and/or my phone with me, or something to read, but after I dropped the girls off at Caribou, I hung out at the Target Starbuck's until they walked over to shop for a bit.

I realized I had nothing to do, and my first thought was to buy a People magazine so I could occupy myself. Then it occurred to me that something cool might be presented to me if I just participate in my surroundings--and BE, not DO.

And it did!

Being the chatty 8th grade teacher-type that I am, I noticed two girls who looked really similar to each other, and I asked them if they were twins . . . One of the girls said yes, but that they were missing the two others. They were actually quadruplets! Huh? I had never met anyone who was a quadruplet in my 51 years on this planet. HOW COOL!

When I asked them what the chances were of quadruplets being born, one told me that the chances were over 1 in a million. We chatted a bit, I asked them about schooling and life, and then when they left I told them it was really great to meet them.

I got home and Googled the stats on identical quadruplets being born, and I was shocked to see that it close to 1 in 13 million. And when I Googled their names, I found a Star & Trib. article about them and their lives as quads: CLICK HERE!

"Four of a Kind"

I thought it was amazing to meet two of the quadruplets; they even had their own reality show called "Four of  Kind" back in the 2011. I'm glad I was open to this experience today and I wasn't on my phone, computer, or reading People magazine.


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