Friday, June 2, 2017

You R HeRe!

I have been doing a lot of thinking and reading lately about being present, and today I had kind of an AHA-moment (also known as an EPIHANY in the world of English literature . . . just ask my students about it . . . they are so sick of me bringing this up! . . . but they're really smart!)

Today I was feeling really happy! Yay! And I felt so so so so so so good. And, because I was so happy, I was friendly, and smiling, and chatty (and I assumed I am smart and capable, and everybody likes me, and oh!-- I am cute! JK! not).

And my AHA moment was when I realized TIME-BENDING.

I was so present, that my past and future dropped off. SO AWESOME!

For those of us who have spent much of our time in REGRET (pain around our past) and WORRY (pain around the future), TIME SEEMS FOREVER DAUNTING.
  • we relive past pain
  • we lose sleep
  • we are up in our heads
  • we feel fuzzy
  • we are out of touch
  • we make up stories in our heads and believe them
  • we are not paying attention
  • we are scared and nervous
  • we are sad
  • we keep re-wounding ourselves
  • we continually beat on ourselves

I noticed today that when I give the players around me my full attention,
LIFE comes ALIVE; I am not breathing, but life breathes me.
And I am able to be in the moment, present with that which simply
holy in front of Me.

I AM (fully) HERE.

In my life, I have spent a lot of time and energy wishing:
  • I was with someone else
  • I was smarter, cuter BLAH BLAH BLAH
  • my body was different
  • I had more _____
  • my past was different
  • ANYTHING was different
  • EVERY FREAKIN' thing was different

When my vibration is negative, I call in experiences, people, and events that mirror this vibration.

It's a HELL of a lot of "NO!"

When I celebrate and feel gratitude for all that is before me (even the total CRAP-aliscious CRAP), I bring in goodness and light. I celebrate the NOW.

It's a HEAVENLY "YES! ( & thank you ) . . ."

This, my superfriend, is an amazing shift. 

Where is your vibration? How can you command a HEAVENLY "YES"--even to the hard stuff?


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