Monday, June 12, 2017

Hmnnnn . . . that's a number . . .

The Number

I had a synchronous event a month ago when I was picking up my dog Teddy from getting a furcut. A woman beside me was also picking up her dog, and she had her hoodie on inside out. Because I am true to my women-folk, I told her about it because it was something I myself would do, and because I would want someone--even a stranger--to tell me.

She laughed, and shared that she had just moved her family here and was in the middle of unpacking, and that she had picked it up off the floor and just put it on before rushing out the door to pick up her rather large pup.

I admitted that I, myself, had slept in my outfit, and we began to chat more as we walked outside.

No coincidence that we are both bloggers, and each of us in our own way blog about spirituality, and the human condition.

And she lives about 2 miles from me. Her name is Sheila Qualls and she has an amazing story. Read about it at

Hello new friend! Welcome to my tribe!

Anyway, as I read her blog this morning about weight, it resonated with a conversation I had almost 30 minutes earlier with one of my besties, Alana. Here's the backstory:

I had back surgery last fall and was down for about three months after experiencing severe sciatica to the point where I had been crawling around the house last summer for almost 4 months--I literally could barely walk. It was a huge blessing, but also entailed a huge recovery, and I missed my job as a teacher so so much.

Long story short, I have put on almost 20 pounds since my surgery.

There. I said it.

And my body feels weird and foreign (but thank you, God, pain free). That's the gratitude. Anyway, I finally weighed myself this morning, and even though I have lost about 5 pounds, when I was talking to my friend Alana, I shared the number with her almost like I was going to confession--with shame, and an expectation that I would be in the doghouse (don't know from whom . . .).

Shame is interesting.

But when I shared the honest number with her, she said, "Hmnnn . . . that's a number . . .". And that was it.


And she then was the most supportive and beautiful friend I have ever experienced. Love you, girl!

About a half an hour later, Sheila's blog showed up in my mailbox. Read here: Sheila Qualls. It's a blog about women, weight, the media, and shame.

Coincidence? I think not.

Can't wait to walk our dogs together tomorrow and deconstruct. What a gift! I am so grateful.

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  1. Hey Dana!!! I had totally forgotten that I had my hoodie on inside out . Lol!! I just remember having incredible conversation and thinking, "I've got to get to know her better." Love your blog. You crack me up. So, so glad to know you.