Friday, July 24, 2015

fUn is, wELL . . . fUn!

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My life has been one great big joke.
A dance that's walked,
A song that's spoke,
I laugh so hard I almost choke
When I think about myself.

~Maya Angelou

Hey All--

What's your DQ? What I mean by that is DRAMA QUOTIENT! I don't know about you, but sometimes I take myself too freakin' seriously. Anyway, what I think is really important is to have so so so much FUN! And laugh!

I'm so lucky that I have a job where I laugh with my students on a daily basis! I wonder if that's what keeps me feeling so young?       ( . . . or maybe I'm just immature . . . not a bad thing!)

Laughing is the best medicine. And I know that I've written about Laughter Yoga before. SO here we are again: Check it out!

Laugh at it all! Detach and look at your life as a movie . . .   and laugh at it . . .  all!
Love you in Laughter!
;) dana booger

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