Sunday, July 26, 2015

gOt mAsTerY?

Dear FunFreePeeps!

I have to come clean about something--mostly to myself, but also to you awesome peeps who read my blog: I often overcommit myself, and then go into overwhelm and self-sabotage . . . and I have been beating myself about it.

My truth is, that I have a pattern of committing to TOO MUCH, and doing TOO MUCH for others, for that matter. 

That pattern, along with perfectionism, sets me up for disappointing myself time after time, and puts me in a self-fulfilling cycle of feeling kind of crummy (focus on the PAST) because I can't meet my own expectations--but it also creates a cycle of WAITING (for some future something), which takes me out of the present moment.

I am so grateful that I'm realizing this! YAY!

And I am also grateful to know that I am truly doing the best I can . . . but I still need to work on being kinder to myself and maybe not expecting SO MUCH and not expecting it all to be PERFECT.

Can you relate?

When I was talking to one of my mentors last month, he was talking about how often people are perfectly comfortable being DABBLERS, when they could be becoming MASTERS. Today something hit home for me about this: my PATTERN of overcommitting (trying to do TOO MUCH), along with my PERFECTIONISM, keeps me dabbling in too many things rather than mastering them.

I want to give myself a better chance of mastery, not dabblery!

How's that? And . . . I'll write more about that in the coming days.

Just sayin' . . . and learnin' . . . LOL!

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