Thursday, July 30, 2015

I LiKe (funfree)Me!

Hey All!

A few days ago, I wrote about being perfect, and Guess What!?

I have tried to be perfect all my life and, of course, have never gotten there (cuz it doesn't exist... DUH!!!@#@#@#@#@#@#$@) . . . AND I have been constantly been frustrated and mad at myself . . . be cuz' of:
here it comes . . .
                        here it comes . . .
                                                wait for it . . .
                                                                   wait for it. . .
my inner mean voice (which I am going to start calling my inner mean (s)ELF, by the way--after all, elves are a little bit naughty, aren't they?). Your inner mean (s)ELF is that voice inside of you who is constantly bugging you about not being (fill in the blank) enough. Some grown-ups and therapists and counselor types alsocall it (s)ELF-talk.

Here's a picture of one of these naughty little elves, drawn by my daughter, Chloe (she told me mine is a boy, and I believe her . . .  ):
So, part of my growing up has been accepting myself, being nice to myself, and learning how to like me, myself, and I . . . which is not easy! ;)
Often, it's easier to be mean to yourself then to actually be kind to yourself, especially when that inner mean (s)ELF voice gets really, 
                                 LOUD  and SaSsY !#?!
TOP SECRET INFORMATION (don't tell anyone...): I have a friend who actually hugs herself first thing every morning! And even if that sounds SO RaNdoM to you . . . it just means that she is learning how to like herself (BTW--she is a grownup, if you can believe it!).

I'm not saying you should actually hug yourself in the morning (although I highly recommend it...); I'm just asking you to think about whether you act like U LIKE YOU!? 
In the meantime, here is a FaBuLous video for you---HUGS to YoU . . . and BoNuS . . . they are FREE!

FrEe HuGs!

I hope you have a beautiful day!

hugs and hugs and hugs!



  1. I hope this makes you laugh ;)You're my favorite teacher so this was necessary.

  2. ReALLy? I laughed sosososososos hard with my kids! Actually, my dance moves are much better than that--remember my "I Love the BoOkFair" dance last week?
    LOL ;)

  3. For a church "field trip" this weekend I went into Minneapolis and worked at a soup kitchen. When I had my short breaks I went outside, held up a sign stating 'FR33 HUGS H3R3!' tht day i hugged 212 strangers and fed over 550 homeless people....i feel so accomplished!

    1. It's amazing to serve...if we all had an attitude of service, just think of the amazing shifts that could occur!
      ;) Thanks, cAt!