Sunday, July 19, 2015

imPerFecKtLy . . . iMpRrrRUFFrRfeCT!

Dog is God Spelled Backwards!
"Live life fully while you're here. 
Experience everything. 
Take care of yourself and your friends. 
Have fun, be crazy, be weird. 
Go out and screw up! 
You're going to anyway, 
so you might as well enjoy the process. 
Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes:
find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. 
Don't try to be perfect;
just be an excellent example of being human." 

- Anthony Robbins, best selling author, speaker, and advisor 


So yesterday I was writing about how looking back, some of the tough stuff in my life actually turned out to help me deal better—much later (super much!). But I have to totally admit that while the yucky junk was happening, I couldn’t see the blessing(s) ‘cuz it felt too intense, painful, or just plain hard.

We may not know why stuff is happening or why relationships are challenging, but deep down, we can always trust that there is a plan we can’t see or imagine. And, if we choose, we can look at life as a series of lessons (yeah! I'm learning!) rather than hardships (OMG! life and everyone in it is against me!).

Knowing that, it might be a bit easier for us to forgive ourselves for stuff we didn’t do perfectly—‘cuz we were doing our best.

Side note: Last week, my daughter Chloe (one of my greatest teachers, of course!) and I were making one of our favorite food groups—homemade garlic & butter croutons with fresh basil (yes, we have a bowl of as a snack, and even as a meal sometimes . . . shhh . . . don’t tell anyone!).

Anyway, I tasted them, looked at my daughter, and said, “OMG! These are perfect!”
[Well, we are trying to take the word perfect out of our vocabulary at our house, so when Chloe looked at me, her eyes wide open and her mouth curled down, I corrected myself . . .]

“Oops! I mean perfectly imperfect!”
And then Chloe came up with the best idea:
“Mom, I know! They are imperfectly imperfect!”
Of course, they were . . .

So anyway, if we are constantly learning and growing, and making new contracts with ourselves about what kind of people we want to be, we can breathe easier and live in each moment as if it is a great gift.

This is also called FLOW. When we are in FLOW, we are in LIFE moment by moment, we are PRESENT, and we are in-JOYing ourselves, and we can have gratitude for all of it if we choose-—even if we’re stuck in traffic (gratitude says: I am so lucky to have a car and a job to go to), crying (gratitude says: I am glad I am allowing myself to cry instead of holding my feelings back!), or (sorry, this is the worst . . .) AT THE DENTIST getting a filling (gratitude says: I am so blessed to have a doctor who can help me care for my teeth and insurance to help me pay her!)!

When we are in FLOW & gratitude, time kind of drops off, and we lose track of the day, the clock time, and guess what? Life feels easy and flowing! And (bonus) we have all the time we need & more!

I am so glad to be human instead of perfeckt . . . 

Have a beautiful day!
Lots of Love, 
;0) dana

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