Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Love Wide!

Dear Peeps;

One of my most humbling callings is being a parent; we never really learn how to be parents, and the role models we have had in our own lives may or may not be the kinds of patterns we wish to follow or we are capable of emulating.

I do know this: we all do our best with the skill set we have, AND even if we are amazing parents, that doesn't mean our beloved children won't struggle. In fact, those of us who tend to helicopter a LOT or even a bit (I'm certainly guilty of this) can expect that what we are managing FOR our children may actually (and even certainly) NOT help our kids learn perseverance to meet life's challenges with determination.

Anyway, there are times when I do get feedback in sneaky ways about what my kids think of me as a parent, and here's an example: When I was going through school papers from my son, Max's, backpack, I found the following quote copied across the top of the page, followed by his written reaction:

"Love many things,
for therein lies the true strength,
and whoever loves much,
can accomplish much,
and what is done in love,
is done well.
~Vincent Van Gogh

"This quote reminds me of my mom because I love her and
she is really loving towards me and Chloe."

These words were precious to me from my teenage son. I know that I have been a lover since I was a young girl--and I've learned a lot about love in this fifth decade of my life. To name a few:
  • Loving myself is paramount to loving others.
  • Loving has always been in me, not "out there" to find.
  • Loving does not mean creating a pattern of dependence in a relationship.
  • Loving myself may mean having to say goodbye to a relationship.
  • Loving does not depend on someone loving me back the same way I show love.
  • Loving can be from a distance.
  • Loving does not mean engulfing someone or merging.
  • Loving does not mean sacrificing core parts of mySelf.
  • Loving those who may appear unloveable is part of serving others.
I have a small talisman in my bathroom that is a butterfly; in the middle, it reads, 
Love Wide
and I hope I can continue to live my life in this manner. How do you love wide? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Much Love!

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