Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Prayer to Heaven(s) on Earth"
Baker Park, Plymouth, MN
hEy ALL!

So, after living from the OUT:SIDE IN for a good part of my life, I personally enJOY spending time with mE, now. While I used to be sOsOSoSoSoso scared of being aL(one), now I long to BE, & BE quiet, and listen for what makes mEmE! Some daily practices that help me get centered in mE are mEditating, BEing out IN nAtUrE, prayINg, and writINg in my joUrnal.
RAther than jump out of bed into the shower every morning in  a huge rush, I try to lie in bed and breathe, and look to my day with gratitude in advance for amazing experiences and opportunities the You-niverse has created FOR me!

What is your deepest heartfelt desire? 

Mine is really simple: to love and belove(d). 

That's it!

How about you? What is calling you? 
Are you listening?

Hope you have a beautiful day!
Love and more love!
;) dana

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