Thursday, July 16, 2015

LoVe U . . .

A couple of days ago, I wrote a letter to me from my higher self pledging to enter a period of Revolutionary Self-Care. Today, I was reminded about the importance of creating spiritual practices to ground and support our daily lives; in Sanskrit, these practices are referred to as "Sadhana." In order to practice beautiful self-care, we each must find solace and peace in our own godly presence. Rituals help me sustain and build a relationship with myself and my inner goddess, and are part of my journey to becoming my own best friend.

Our spiritual practices or rituals don't have to be fancy; in other words, we don't have to sit in meditation for hours, do a 30-day juice cleanse, do hot yoga, climb on top of a mountain, or go to an Ashram to practice our spirituality (although these can all be amazing). Our daily practices can be as simple as engaging fully in the tasks before us--as simple as

being fully present.
It's the best gift we can give ourselves,
and the people we love.

I was reading from MoonCircles; interesting coincidence (not!) about daily spiritual practice. April Kent writes that we must infuse our daily lives with spirit, and "reorganize your daily routine to support spiritual objectives. Seek spiritual opportunity in chores and details." That means to giving attention (or, attend-ing) with full presence to seemingly mundane chores like washing dishes, matching socks, ironing school uniforms, or cooking.

As I do such chores, I imagine infusing love into the act of service I am accomplishing. For example, when I cook a delicious meal, I give my full attention to the creation of  loving, nourishing food for the people I love; I interact fully in the process of cooking with all my senses, sampling and adding flavor when needed, and following my intuition as I chop, stir, grate, and serve. This is a great act of love and service for me.

Rituals can provide us with grounding as we encounter the business of our daily existence. Today I described how just being present can offer not only a daily spiritual practice, but a gateway to LIVING A SPIRITUAL EXISTENCE-- .

Sadhana, or daily ritual practices, support us as spiritual beings; We can work on finding the blessed spiritual work in the mundane of our daily lives--which sounds weird, at first, but is actually a blessed disguise about how the spirit is woven throughout our moment to moment existence. COOL!

When I create a picture of my self-care, I chunk stuff in 4 different categories; the thing is, they all overlap, especially because I try to live a spiritual existence, MOMENT TO MOMENT. Here's the deal:

SpIriTuAL: I try to do spiritual practices everyday--like, meditating, praying, writing in my journal (doing this blog is actually part of my spiritual practice--I'm so lucky! ThAnKs!), doing gratitude rituals, doing daily readings that push me spiritually. These practices also include being in nature, going for walks, and gardening. Finally, I have mentors and friends who also are on a spiritual path, and those are really AmAzIng and important connections!

PhYsiCaL: I eat well, take vitamins & antioxidants, and drink lots of water. I'm even giving up drinking pop (I almost typed poop!). It also includes running, yoga, walking, and (hard for me sometimes . . .) talking a day off or two when my body needs a rest! It also means taking pride in the way I look (cute is good!).

EmOtiOnAL: This means getting in touch with my gut and my heart to see how I'm feeling about life, relationships, my schedule, and trying to keep everything in balance so I don't have a freak attack or get . . . depressed! Also, giving my feelings voice and actually sharing them with important people in my life whom I trust. It also means knowing I don't have to do everything perfectly, so I can allow myself to screw up and learn from my screw up, too!

InTeLLecTuaL: I believe we humans are here on Earth to learn! I personally am a teacher, so I of course love to learn and teach! But it doesn't stop there! I try to do things I'm afraid of, and learn about new stuff. I'm even back in school now for business (not sure why yet, but wHaTeVer!). I surround myself with others who are curious travelers in life, and look to the Universe with the eyes of a child! Luv ya!

Whew! There's so much to learn.
Life . . . is so go(o)d.

So, how do you take care or YOUR beautiful SELF? Leave me a comment and let me know!
Have a ONE-derfuL, heart-filled day!


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