Tuesday, July 21, 2015

gOt bReaTh? jUsT bReAtHe . . .

Dear Ones;

As I was picking up my son from school yesterday, I glanced ahead of me and saw this bumper sticker and took a picture of it. It reminded me of another one I saw last year in Wisconsin while I was on a run. Remember this?

A couple of days ago, I blogged about PEACE, and how signs of peace seem to be showing up for me constantly lately. It reminds me that peace always has to begin with me as an inner state, and it's up to me to have ritual and routine in my life so I can maintain or return to a state of peace when needed rather than react to life. 

It's like I want to respond with intention (choice & power . . . yay!) instead of recklessly reacting (no choice and no power . . . boo!) In other words, . . . it's living from the INSIDE:OUT.  

I've noticed that there are some practices that can almost instantly help me find a state of peace; one is just returning my attention to the very thing that gives me life: my breath! 

Which brings me to my very first:
YoGa LoVebOmb!
A yogic practice for calming and cooling is sitali pranayam, or sitali breath. To practice, curl the tongue and stick it out of the mouth, like a little tube. Inhale slowly and deeply over the tube tongue, and exhale out the nose. If you can't curl your tongue, inhale slowly and deeply through the circle-shaped mouth.
Practice 3--31 minutes for relaxation, calm, and soothing. 

Loads of YoGa LovE,


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