Saturday, July 4, 2015

iN-jOy yOurSeLf . . . haVe fUn & pLaY nOw!

ecard - Be who you know you are
WeLL HeLLo funfree fLowErz & BuZZiNg BEs! (word play alert),

Yesterday I wrote about each of us being uniquely and powerfully ourselves--and letting go of the expectation that other people should (and can . . .NOT) possibly be just like US! I used the metaphor of fish not being able to climb trees--which is kind of like the message on the poster from about being, well, ME! Check it out on the left!

The wall paper on my phone used to read "just be . . ."--and it served to remind me to BE PRESENT . . . which is kind of hard for me, I admit. Going to the quiet space where I'm with myself is getting easier, and I've found that I am actually in-joy my own company. (Get it? In-Joy, as in, INWARD JOY, not found on the outside?)

do have to remember to breathe, relax, and BE in the present moment--sometimes meditating or doing yoga really helps me with that--and, I continue to work on quieting the inner voice that sometimes bosses me around and constantly tells me what I SHOULD be doing (you know, like, SHOULD-ing on myself?!), or criticizes me. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that the JOY is HERE, in the present moment.

While last year, the wallpaper on my cell phone read: 
Just be . . . !
This year, I changed it by one word: Just be . . . me! 

And here's why:

If I want to know myself and JUST BE ME, as in the one and only Dana Lynne Curry Bradach (not that I think I'm like so cool or better or anything . . . !), I had to learn to just be . . . first. Otherwise, how would I have the quiet presence to be with myself and get to know me? And now, j
ust like the flower in the cartoon above, . . . I want to wisely follow my primal Dana gut instincts to attain my highest level of Dana-osity!

As I fully disclosed yesterday, I am kind of a nut (in a good way), and I think & act like a kid most of the time, but I'm also extremely smart, organized, loving, kind, and responsible. There's also some yucky stuff, too--but I'm doing my darndest to BE the BE(st) ME I can BE

We humans are taught from a young age to focus on the future to somehow provide us with the THING (whatever that is for each of us--being skinny, richer, finishing high school, graduate school, having a bigger house, better job--WHATEVAH!), as our guarantee for happiness. But the problem with future mentality is that we live our lives always waiting to arrive--and we miss the gifts of presence--as in, living in the now, the PRESENT. Check out this amazing message I found today on someone else's blog!
I don't know about you, but I have missed out on big chunks of my life because of worrying about my future or focusing on the past. When I asked one of my best friends what is really really important to him and what he wants to do with life, he kind of got this funny grin and said, "I want to enjoy myself." At the time, I really didn't get it (I grew up in a home where everything was STRUGGLE and SACRIFICE), but I've slowly come to realize that enjoying myself is one of the most important jobs I have, AND it doesn't have to do with anything outside of myself . . . it's an INSIDE job.

Hope you enjoy yourself today!


p.s. but not perfeckt ;0)

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