Monday, November 23, 2015

eXpEcT it ALL . . .

Have you learned the lessons
only of those who admired you,
and were tender with you,
and who stood aside for you?

Have you not learned great lessons 
from those who braced themselves against you,
and disputed the passage with you?
--Walt Whitman

Dear fun & free Peeps!

Have you ever noticed that a lot of times we really want life to be easy and our relationships to be harmonious and smooth? And when things aren't that way, we can sometimes freak out?

What if we decide that even the lumpy stuff and the difficult people in our lives were sent for a reason? That is, to learn some stuff from them?

I'm not sure where I learned that stuff should usually go my way . . . no bumps or whatever . . . but I'll tell you one thing:

ThIngS moStLy doN'T go thE way,
I, dAna LyNNe cUrrY bRadach,
eXpeCt tHeM to gO.

And then, I ask myself the question: Why sHouLd they?

top secret incoming confession: I think maybe the real problem is that I get attached to my expectations (of people and other things), and then I feel disappointed when my expectations aren't met.

What if I change my expectations and open up to whatever life brings me? And, just accept WHAT IS--positive or negative--and decide that WHATever IS going on OUTSIDE of me doesn't necessarily have to affect WHAT IS my own experience on the INSIDE?


 . . . sounds good, doesn't it? 

It means that no matter what happens, ALL IS WELL.

cOoL bEaNs!
;0) dAnA

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