Sunday, November 1, 2015

tHeRe is No "I" in TeAm!

Are yoU a-Lone(r) or R U on a TeAm?

I have had the wonderful opportunity of learning about hockey for the past few years . I don't speak hockey, but I'm learning . . . 

It made me think more about the idea of being on a team . . . whatever that means. It could be a family team, a sports team, a work team, a parenting team, or a team of _______ (fill in the blank 4 u!). 

Sometimes, we think it's easier to do stuff by ourselves . . . as in, we have a lot more CONTROL, right? I know for me, when I do stuff by myself, I do feel more in control, but I ALSO feel more alone and it's more difficult and stressful, as well.

It's not easy asking for help, but you know what I've found? People TOTALLY want to help me when I need it---just like I love helping others!

And then, I don't feel so alone.

I think we're all supposed to keep looking and searching (or praying and being patient . . .) until we find our team . . . our TRIBE . . .our PeePs.

I can't imagine watching hockey or soccer and expecting that a single player is supposed to win the game. As my bff says, you can have individual skills, but it's the strategy of being a team player that wins the game. 

It's about WORKING TOGETHER---AND, maybe it's really not about winning after all. It's about doing your best, and working with the players (get the metaphor?) who are in front of you.

AND, that means you have to GIVE UP CONTROL (of the puck, the ball, the relationship or whatever . . .) and pass it to someone else--trust that your teammate will support you. You may not win but WHATEVER, yo!

So, who are the sweet, sweet members of your team? 

Be grateful for them, and the lessons they teach! A personal thanks to all the members of my team; we are a winning combination! I am blessed for your presence in my life!



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