Wednesday, November 18, 2015

sErV(iC)e . . . is (o)Ur dHarma . . .

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Dear funfreePeePS!

Of course, I received this message in my inbox today from one of my super amazing mentors, Mastin Kipp. He was writing on his blog about connecting our life's purpose to service, and here's what he wrote:

I realized that most of my life I had felt so unseen, 
so unimportant that I had made my life about being seen and being important. 
And in doing so, I thought that when I was important enough I would be able to FINALLY get the Love I craved.

My life of chasing significance, chasing importance had brought me to my knees.
I had made my life all about me.
And things weren't working.

It wasn't until I realized that life was about more than just me. 
Life was about attaching my life to an idea that was greater than me. 
It was about service. It was about contribution.
It was about meeting other people's needs. It was about helping others.
It truly was about being loving. 
THAT was when my life changed in the most dramatic ways. 
I stopping hoarding and started giving. 
I stopped playing small by not giving my gifts to the world and started to.
I stopped making my life be all about me
and started to see the world through the eyes of others.

The switch occurred when I realized
that I would become significant to those that I loved and the world by serving them,
rather than trying to extract from them.
This was the core belief that had to change.
And when it did, EVERYTHING else did, too.

So, how can you be of service? To your loved ones? To your community?
To your customers? To the world? What problem can you solve?

~ Mastin Kipp, founder of THE DAILY LOVE

What I'm thinking and feeling, is that many of us confuse our purpose with our JOB. And, we forget about service and focus on money. Like, as in, what we can GET. Not that money isn't important...we all need it. But, I really do believe that when we focus on service, the Universe rewards us 'cuz the energy is going out from our creativity.

How do you serve? Seriously. If you can't answer, then think about it. Seriously.

So MUcH LoVe!

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