Monday, November 9, 2015

tHere's nO pLaCe LikE hOmE . . .

There's No Place Like Home

Dear fun&frEE PeePS!

For some strange reason, I woke up in the middle of the night last night and was thinking about The Wizard of Oz!  It made me remember the times when I was away from home, and how good it was when I finally got back.

Home can be a lot of things, actually. It can be a place where you live (like a house), your very own special place (like your bedroom, or a secret fort), it can be the comfort of a smell (like when you're at your grandma's house), or even your favorite shirt. In my family, we try to make it feel like home in a lot of different ways, like . . .
  • I give my kids the warm blankie treatment whenever they ask--it's when I take their favorite blankies and put them in the dryer and get them really hot, and then wrap up my kids really tight (usually in fromt of the TV).
  • We have family snack time before bed.
  • We do family bowling on our Wii.
  • Sometimes we have jammy day all day on weekends--we never even get dressed!
  • We have tickle parties and joke parties on Saturday mornings before we get up.
  • and there's more stuff, too . . .
Anyway, when I was thinking about the idea of home, I remembered that Dorothy thought she couldn't go home without the help of the Wizard . . . when she really had the power all along: her ruby red slippers!

My thought is that many of us search for home all of our lives . . . and we often get confused and lose ourselves on and off along the way; we encounter evil (like the Wicked Witch, for example), but we also make some really good friend along the way who can travel with us on our journey!

And the good news for me (and you) is . . . I have the ability to tune in to home all the time, because I have ME as my best and most beloved companion! For those of us who have lost parts of ourselves along the way, coming home to our  truest nature is an amazing journey . . . and it feels familiar, and comforting, and real . . . just like the warm blankie treatment! 

So, I invite you to return home . . . (to wonderful, sparkly, fabulous, amazing, loving, . . . yOu, yO!)
fOLLow Ur yELLow bRicK rOaD!
p.s. leave me a comment and tell me what makes you feel at home!

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