Sunday, November 15, 2015

riSk-TakEs (not mIs-TaKes!)

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart … 
Who looks outside, dreams. 
Who looks inside, awakens.”
Carl Jung

heY tHeRe--
So, kind of like listening to your gut (or not!), have you ever wanted to do something, but you were too afraid? Sometimes we have nO iDeA what we are doing, but in our hearts it's the right thing and we can feel it! Has this ever happened to you?...

When we know what is true and right for us, 
we just have to say,  
and go with it, 
taking the path we know is aligned with our heart.

To repeat my words from an earlier blog:

It's not so easy to continue on a path 
when you're not sure where you are headed. 
It takes 
and it takes

Incoming Go(o)d news:
The You-niverse has your back.

. . . which basically means, that when we listen to our inner GPS(elf) we cannot go wrong. KnOw Why? Cuz the You-niverse might be planning something even MoRe AmAziNg and deLigHtFul than we could have imagined! (whew! relief ... three deep belly breaths here ... breathe ... breathe ... breathe ... ). That also means something else even mOrE aMaZiNG, which is:

We are safe to follow our hearts and guts . . . and we are safe to take risks. Risk-takes cannot be mis-takes, they can only help us learn and grow!

What about the difference between faith and belief? Ram Dass (remember his interview with OPRAH? click on his name to check it out) basically said that belief is up in your head he also said that
on the other hand, 
comes from your heart.
Do you want to listen to your head or your heart?

I don't know about you, but I would like to learn to trust my beautiful heart (and gut). 
Here's a yUmMY  heart chakra meditation (4th chakra) to try! enJoY!

Peace out and LoTs of hEARt LoVE,


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