Saturday, November 28, 2015

iT's beTTer to gIvE thAn reCeiVe . . . !

By: Chloe
Hello You! 

A few years back my daughter wanted to post this special message for the Thanksgiving holiday season, so here goes! Here's what she had 2 say!: 
Hey tIckeTy tock cLoCks!

So, as you know, Christmas is coming up... well, you know a great thing I have learned? --a great lesson... it's better to give than receive!
Soooo don't expect someone to give you a gift, 'cause you know what? 
Even if you don't have money, who cares? 
At least you're alive, and you have Jesus and God, and family!
Oh!! And especially LUV!!!!!! 

Luv yalls, peeps!

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