Tuesday, July 3, 2012

BEcOmInG funfreeMe: InStaLLaTIon I

Installation I: BEcoming funfreeME
Personal Codes of Truth
Hey FunFreePeeps!

Sheesh! It's dang hot in Minnesota this week--remember that there is enough sun for everyone! Hope you are having a lovely sun-filled day!
So, my very first and most important newly contracted Personal Code of Truth (PCT) is: "I lOvE and tRust mYsElf." (I know I was supposed to start with another one, but this one seems like it has to be numero uno...). I don't know about you, but I spent a lot of my younger days trying to fill myself up with love from other people (friends, boyfriends,--doesn't really matter)--I thought that would make me feel loved and secure and whole . . . and guess what? It does . . . well, kinda . . . 

But here's the thing . . . you really can't control whether or not people want to stay in relationship with you, and if you constantly worry about it, and act in ways that aren't you (which feels really gross) to get people to stay, you kind of drive people away sometimes 'cuz they sense you care about them out of a place of need rather than out of a place of LoVE. Does that make sense?

As one of my super smart 8th graders wrote on the wall of BIG THINK:
Immature love is I love you cause I need you; mature love is I love you cause I love you.
Now I know that there's nobody "out there" that can make me feel whole. It's me right inside of me! And it's my job to make sure that I know myself and listen to myself by meditating, running, writing, and taking quiet time--or whatever else works that day. I can check in with myself and I just know. I am in charge of meeting my own needs--and I also rely soSosO much on the You-niverse & God & naTurE to help guide me. When I feel whole from my relationship with me and the Universe, then it frees me up to love others from an 
place of
(& not from neediness . . .)

Go(o)d thing is: it takes others off the hook for taking care of me and gives freedom to my relationships, too!
Spookily authentic, huh?

Anyway, the second part of my PCT (Personal Code of Truth) is trusting myself--and this is kind of related, 'cuz when we constantly try to act in ways that others approve of, or we are always asking for other people's advice, we are living from a place of not really trusting our hearts & guts. A really cool transformational leader named Gabrielle Bernstein actually Vlogged about this today. Coincidence? Of course not! She says it way better than I can, so check out her vlog!

Can you take a leap of faith and start to love yourself and trust the amazing guidance from the Universe and the You-niverse?
What do you do to honor, trust, and love yourself? Leave a comment and share it--that would be awesome!
So MuCh LoVE!
;0) dana

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