Monday, July 2, 2012

fInD uR pLaCe in the sUn! tHeRe's enoUgh 4 eVery-oNe!

"Find Your Place in the Sun"
heAvEn on eArTh, miNnEsOtA
Go(o)d Morning All!
Hope your weekend was so amazing and beautiful and fUn & frEE! Like I shared yesterday, I have been working on my new mantras over the past couple of months--finding my special place in the sun! Actually, I didn't even realize I was doing it until I actually wrote them down on sidewalk chalk in my driveway! What I realized, is that I actually have been going through a process for a very long time--of looking at what I used to believe about me, throwing some of it in the trash, and kind of reinventing a new personal code of truth, a new contract for living as a human BEing.

It's super exciting (and a bit painful) 'cuz I am realizing just how mEan I've been to mE for a long time. Can you relate? Not only have I been mean to me in my head by what I've told mE @ mE, but I've also been mean to me with my unhealthy habits, sometimes, and with the not-so-nice folks I've allowed to treat me . . . well, not-so-nice--DUH! But there's go(o)d news . . . (ready?)

We get to choose how we want to BE,
and we get to change rules that don't work anymore; 
so, I solemnly swear, and I deliciously declare:
I'm done with my OLD stOrY! 
Period. Done . . . Bye-bye!

Rock on!
Oh-yeah! Snap!!@)*&
Party on the fourth floor!
[insert amazing 4th of July fireworks and other blingy stuff]
ThIs iS juSt hOW hAppY I aM!
p.s. I know it's a bit early, but wth(eck)!

Can't wait to share my new
personal codes of truth
with you starting tomorrow with: 
I am human.
mUcHo qUieRo! 
;-D dana
p.s. if you still haven't taken my survey or don't know about it, see below. Thanks in advance!

faVoR  pOr faVoR: For my school (hmnnn), one of my assignments is to ask 25 friends what are my three best qualities. Embarrassing and humbling, but I really don't have 25 friends!  I'm working on gathering my tribe, however . . .  So, could you take a few moments to click below and answer the one question survey? You rock!

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