Saturday, July 7, 2012

beComing funfreeME: Installation III

There is no one in the universe
more dear to us than ourselves. 
The mind may travel in a thousand directions,
but it will find no one else more beloved. 
The moment you see how important it is to love yourself,
you will stop making others suffer.

- Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet, and peace activist

HeLLo aLL You aMazInG CreatuRes~~
Well, I'm still working on my new Personal Codes of Truth, and the next one for sure is: I take good care of myself! This is super huge, 'cuz ultimately, we are responsible for our own happiness, care (unless we're kids, of course . . .), and well-being. 
Personally, I'm still learning how to live from the INSIDE OUT and not look on the OUTSIDE IN to fill myself up or feel good, and after years of doing THAT (gross, can't control outside stuff, anyway!), I am now learning how to do THIS:

I kind of break up my self-care into 4 different categories:

SpIriTuAL: I try to do spiritual practices everyday--like, meditating, praying, writing in my journal (doing this blog is actually part of my spiritual practice--I'm so lucky! ThAnKs!), doing gratitude rituals, doing daily readings that push me spiritually, like right now I'm reading the book Courage by Debbie Ford, and I'm also rereading The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. Spiritual practices also include being in nature, going for walks, and gardening. Finally, I have mentors and friends who also are on a spiritual path, and those are really AmAzIng and important connections!
PhYsiCaL: I eat well, take vitamins & antioxidants, and drink lots of water. I'm even giving up drinking pop (I almost typed poop!). It also includes running, yoga, walking, and (hard for me sometimes . . .) talking a day off or two when my body needs a rest! It also means taking pride in the way I look (cute is good!).
EmOtiOnAL: This means getting in touch with my gut and my heart to see how I'm feeling about life, relationships, my schedule, and trying to keep everything in balance so I don't have a freak attack or get . . . depressed! Also, giving my feelings voice and actually sharing them with important people in my life whom I trust. It also means knowing I don't have to do everything perfectly, so I can allow myself to screw up and learn from my screw up, too!
InTeLLecTuaL: I believe we humans are here on Earth to learn! I personally am a teacher, so I of course love to learn and teach! But it doesn't stop there! I try to do things I'm afraid of, and learn about new stuff. I'm even back in school now for business (not sure why yet, but wHaTeVer!). I surround myself with others who are curious travelers in life, and look to the Universe with the eyes of a child!

Whew! There's so much to learn, yo.
Life . . . is so go(o)d.

So, how do you take care or YOUR beautiful SELF? Leave me a comment and let me know!
Have a ONE-derfuL, heart-filled day!

;0D  ~dana

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