Sunday, July 8, 2012

U R perfeCkTkly iMpErfEckT!

Chloe Love to aLL!
"Yo ImPeRfEckT pEEps!"

Yo ImPerFecKt Peeps!

I was thinking more today why I used to try to be perfect, and what I landed on is that I thought that if I did everything perfectly, people would approve of me, or like me (have you every been around someone who acts like they are perfect?  . . . I actually find people who act perfect quite annoying and humorous...and I used to be THAT girl... yikes.

So being perfect was a way for me to feel in control. Perfection comes in many disguises, like, for example:

  • being the perfect student
  • being the perfect son/daughter
  • being the perfect athlete/singer/actress/_______fill in blank (no fouls, strikes, warnings,wrong notes or lines etc.)
  • having a perfect body (eating disorder warning)
  • looking perfect
  • kissing butt to people so they like you 
  • making others dependent on you . . .
Being perfect is SOSOSOSOSOS stressful . . . and WE DO IT TO OURSELVES. Nobody else does it TO usAnyway, so that leaves us with being (im)PerFeCKT! Hmn...

It's actually kind of a relief . . . takes the pressure off, and then we can just breathe, be hu(wo)man, and love ourselves even MORE. I personally love being a dork and I want to remind you that (im)PerfeCkT is the new PerfeCKt!
BTW: Who else can be perfekctly you? NO-BODY!
You r the grace of GO(O)D-NESS!

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