Sunday, July 1, 2012

gOt pRoMiSe? oF cOurSE u dO!

hApPy JuLy and aLL that jAzz!

I know I've told you about one of my amazing mentors Mastin Kipp, blogger and founder of The Daily Love. Well, one thing he has taught me is the worst promises you can break are those you make with yourself. He's actually been coaching me over the past months to make new Codes of Truth (kind of like mantras) for myself, 'cuz my old ones were not working for me worth cRaP! They're not so pOsItiVe, and so I threw them oUt and started from scratch--- 'cuz I don't believe my ME(an) iNNer s(ELF) anymore. I have packed her pInk pRinCess lUggAge (very heavy, BTW!), sent her love, and shown her the freakin' door!!!

Kind of like Chloe's mantras and the words to live by from my dear 8th grade kiddos, I have recently rewritten new promises or codes of truth that I am going to keep with myself. I usually skype with Mastin 'cuz he lives in LA (he's moving to New York this month, though), but last week during our meeting, I had to be on the cell 'cuz I had to start walking to camp to pick up my kids and we weren't done. 

So, I was in my driveway at the end of our call, and Mastin was asking me to write down my new COT (codes of truth). All I had was sidewalk chalk, so I furiously wrote as I finished our coaching call. My friend, Michelle, blogger of Diary of a Late Bloomer calls a picture on a blog a plog, btw--get it? plog. Here we go:

Installation I: Dana's Codes of Truth

I'll unpack this amazing code tomorrow!

BTW: I have been studying all morning 'cuz of school, and I promised a gal in my class that I would touch base with her tonight after I get my stupid ASSignment done (jk!! I . . . love my class and learning, and sadly I've been pRoCrAsTinAtiNg over the past week . . . cue violins). Sometimes, when I know I just might break a promise with myself (like homework or exercise, for example), it's good to make a promise with someone you trust who can encourage you or give you a kick in the butt when needed!!!

Favor Request: For my business school right now (YIKES AND SUPER YIKES), one of my assignments (I know if you've been in my class you are so happy that I have homework and not you!!!!) is to ask 25 friends what are my three best qualities. Now, this is kind of embarrassing ( and it may come as a surprise to you . . . !), but I really don't have 25 friends! Not a bad thing, necessarily, but just the way it is ;) I'm kind of a keep to myself kind of gal, I s'pose . . . 
So, I have a favor to ask any of you who know me, personally, who read my bLogAlisciOUs bLog: could you take a few moments to click below and answer the teeny tiny survey? Thanks! 
HaVe a beAuTiFuL dAy!
;-D  dana