Tuesday, July 10, 2012

beComIng funfreeME: InstaLLation IV

InstALLAtion IV: beCominG funfreeME
What's UP pEEps?
OMG! I couldn't sleep last night 'cuz I was reading an amazing book! Do you ever lose sleep 'cuz you are learning so...so...so...so much and you are hungry for it? AND, you really don't need the sleep 'cuz you know you need the learning even more than you need the sLeeP?
Wow! I learned a LoT when I was reading. SO here's what I got, and this started when I went to my meditation service yesterday morning. The speaker was saying that our planet is on a wavelength of VICTIM rather than CREATOR. And that we humans have a choice about which we can believe. Here's what she said, " We can choose to blame, or we can choose to move on, forgive ourselves and others, and lean into our POWER." 
Question: Why would we choose to be a victim when we can step into power?
.......enter my next installation of bEcoming funfreeME: I keep my power.
Which means:
I am responsible for how I interpret what happens to be; for example, asking "What can I learn?" (POWER) rather than, "OMG! I can't believe what S/HE did TO me?" (VICTIM)
Personally, I'd rather thank people for what they do FOR me--like, thanks for the lessons crazy (not) peeps?!
AND . . . the cool thing is, that according to the book that I read last night, we can actually look to the experiences in our lives where we feel victimized, and the way to move through them is to practice being grateful for them---Wow! Pow(er)!
Hope to sleep long and well tonight!
I have been mostly practicing keeping my power by speaking my truth lately. How about you? How do you keep your power?
Leave a comment and let me know!
;o) dana

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