Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Be love(d)!

Hey all funfree-Seekers!

Want to know my secret to free-DoM?
Love your bad self! (the human part . . .) 
Love your Go(o)d self! Cuz guess what?

You are Go(o)d! You are all Go(o)d! As I write that, it reminds me that it might be scary for some of you to read that, especially if you are in the habit of not liking yours(elf) or listening to your mean inner s(elf). SorRy! (not . . . that's why I'm here. . .)

Yesterday, I wrote about trying to GET others to like us (bad idea ;( . . . doesn't work). We can't control how others feel! It's totally ridiculous! 
We can only control how we feel about ourselves. I am trying to become my own best friend, which is really hard, because I have been hating on myself (and allowing others to hate on me) for a long, long time. 
I'm SO DONE WITH THAT CRAP-OLA. As I have said before (and as one of my very best friends on the planet has told me (yo-K-dog! I love you!), I just want to enjoy myself. SO let's have more random fun!

Here are some random acts
 of crazy-ness from, 
of course,
cuz, seriously, 
who the heck cares what 
other people think!@@#$
follow your heart, y'all! You are LoVe!
Love you soSsososSOSsosSo much (and more!)

;) dana

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