Wednesday, August 12, 2015

funfreeMe . . . fUn iS fUn!

hEy tHeRe!

. . . about the name funfreeMe--today, let's focus on FUN. . . today . . . (and for the rest of our lives!)!

Most people who know me, (especially kids in my classes), know how rAnDoM and wEiRd I can be . . . 
. . . cuz basically, I lOvE to laugh and have fun!

Life is short. So, I believe we should have as much fun as possible, and laugh long and hard LoTs!@#$#!

For example, I like to randomly dance and skip in the hallways at my school just cuz' I can (and I hug my students, too . . . shhh don't tell!). Here's an insane video of me doing the ugly dance that was sent to my blog a couple of weeks ago. Thanks a lot! (I think . . .):

Dana doing the UgLy dAnCe!

LOL (x 3) @!#!

Don't you love laughing, especially when you can't stop? Laughter can be contagious, and it goes viral in a group! It aLsO feels good and is awesomely Go(o)d for you!

. . . today, I challenge you to laugh and laugh until your belly hurts! I laugh until I cry almost eVeRyDay... and just so you know, I also cry-cry almost everyday---years of sadness pouring the yucky stuff out. It's okay; I am gathering my tribe.

We are where we're supposed to be . . . always. Thank you, Go(o)d.

Go(0)d times!

;) dana

p.p.S. Leave me a comment and tell me what makes you laugh your butt off!


  1. Ms. Curry.

    Your what makes me laugh my butt off, everyday in lunch club ;)

    1. Thanks Kyle! Back at you! I'll miss you today and Friday...p.s. quit putting ketchup packets in my Hello Kitty mailbox!