Sunday, August 2, 2015

fiRsT jUmP, TheN fLy!

Hi All!

Yesterday, I wrote about not trusting our inner GPS(elf) and making up stories about how AwEsoMe OTHER people have it (translation: we don't have enough of the good stuff . . . but somehow everyone else does). Not true, but that's what we sometimes believe, right? That way, we can focus on how UnFaIr it is, after all, and that there's noThIng we can do (right?): WrOng! We can practice being grateful (but I'm getting ahead of myself, that's tomorrow's blOg topic . . .)
 FlAsHbAcK: I can remember being in middle school and high school (and mAyBe college, too--shshh . . . total secret . . .) and how painful that was. I didn't even know my inner GPS(elf) existed most of the time, cuz I was too concerned about what others thought of me (morphing myself to what I thought others would like and approve of, including parents and teachers), and I was super stuck listening to my 
inner mean (s)ELF . . .
Yikes!#$!  Question is, how the heck do we break this crappy, destructive pattern? Sometimes, when we know what is true and right for us, we just have to say,  "ThE HeCK wItH It!" and go with it, taking the path we know is aligned with our heart.

To repeat my words from an earlier blog:

It's not so easy to continue on a path 
when you're not sure where you are headed. 
It takes 
and it takes

But here's the Go(o)d news:
The Universe has your back.

In other words,

Leap and the net will appear!
--Julia Cameron

. . . which basically means, that when we listen to our inner GPS(elf) we cannot go wrong. . . even when things don't necessarily end up the way we want or when they don't take the path we had hoped for. 

KnOw Why? Cuz there might be something even MoRe AmAziNg planned for us than we could have even possibly imagined! (Pretty cool, huh?) 

That doesn't mean we don't have to put in our best effort; it just means that if we remain open, we might get an fantabu-liscous (made up word) present!

Julia Cameron tells us to, 
"Leap and the net will appear!"

Does this assume we will free fall 
                              if we leap? 
(which would still actually be pretty cool, as long as there is a net to catch us . . .)

Well, my daughter has a better idea ( I have found that young kids often have even more amazing ideas than gRoWn uPs, after all!). She wrote this story while I was grading papers one night:


By Chloe

One day a girl named Lily
was eating her dinner,
beef, pudding, and pizza. After
that she went to school.
At recess she Jumped and
insted of Jumping she

Jumping and having a net to catch me--
well, that would be great!  
But jumping and fLyInG?! 
Now ThAt would be fabulous, . . . 
better than anything 
I could ever expect.
(And that's how the Universe works, y'all).

We're soSoso lucky!

Love to all---

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