Sunday, August 23, 2015

bE pErfEcKtLy yoU!

go(o)D dAy, fReE pEEpS!

One morning a few years back (after an amazing cRazILIsciOUs slumber party), 5 of my daughters BfFs came into my room and wanted to wake up Chloe so she could go downstairs to plaY! They were all snuggled up in their blankies & jammies like little ducklings at the foot of my bed. My daughter, Chloe, had crawled in with me in the middle of the night, after I tested her blood sugar (she is diabetic--type 1). While my daughter was slowly waking up, one of her friends, asked me, "Do wish Chloe didn't have diabetes? I mean, is it kind of hard to, like, take care of her?"
I thought for a split second, and I shared this with them:

"You know, it's might sound kinda weird, but I love Chloe exactly the way she is, and she knows that! I wouldn't want her to be any different than her amazing and beautiful self--and that includes her diabetes."

The girls looked a bit surprised, but they were listening really hard. I continued,

"And yeah, sometimes it's challenging, like if she doesn't feel well, or her blood sugar's high or low, but Chloe's really learned a lot about how to take care of herself, about her body, about nutrition, and about math . . . and a lot of other stuff, too. I think one of the most important things I can do as a mom is to love both of my kids just the way they are . . . everyday."

One night before bed we were naming things we are thankful for, & Chloe said this in her prayer: 
"God, this might be weird, but I'm grateful for diabetes . . . I mean, 'cuz that's who I'm supposed to be."

Can you imagine? She was eight! It made me cry! Here's something else amazing she wrote last month when she was helping me with my blog;)

God loves you awesomley and perfectley!! @##^%#$%^#$%# did I spell it wrong???? 
 yeah, i did. o well! 
I'm still a great gal even tho' i have d'b's (diabetes). 
So yeah! bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm still  perfect just the way i am even though I have diabetes.  So yeah.
Rock on if you have dbs! or not!

What if we are all perfect just the way we are (no matter what our challenges are) and just right where we are in life--and grateful for ALL of it! That would be way cool! 

hAve a beAutIfUL dAy, aLL!
;0) dana

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