Saturday, August 1, 2015

Your Inner GPS(elf)!

Hey fun free(aky) folk!

I must admit I have a confession . . . 
Yesterday, I watched a Disney movie (a 'tween movie . . .) called Geek Charming (2011).  (I swear it was my daughter's idea!!!!)

It is about a really popular girl named Dylan who seems like she has EVERYTHING (she's pretty, has amazing clothes, a mongo house, perfect skin, and is dating the most popular guy, of course . . .). 

Dylan wants to be Woodlands Academy Fall Formal Blossom Queen (kind of like prom queen); and when a geeky film-club kid named Josh gets her to agree to be the subject of his documentary on being popular, her life becomes exposed. She starts to question everything, including her ideas about GeEkS and what it means to be popular!

In the end, we learn that there's a lot more to Dylan than meets the eye, and that in her quest for being popular, she has left important people behind, ignored parts of herself, and driven valuable pieces of who she is underGROUND!  She lost her inner GPS(elf) . . . you know, her internal guide about who she is, what she wants, and what is right for her?  

Even though the movie was a bit chees-aliscious (as my fab friend Brenda would say), I actually felt it had some good lessons!

We ALL have an inner GPS(elf) . . . do you listen to yours?

  • Like Dylan in the movie, do you ever ignore who you are and become a cHeAp iMitAtiOn of the real you? Like, what you think others want you to be or what other kids will like? I call this living from the OUTSIDE:IN not IN:SIDE OUT--we all do it from time to time, but if it becomes your full-job it can be hard work, and downright exhausting!
  • Do you make up stories about others and assume you KNOW what they are like? We all have ideas about OTHERS (fill in the blank: popular people, parents, teachers, GrOwN ups, rich people, blAh, BlAH, Blah . . . !), but once we form these ideas or STORIES (cuz we really do make them up . . .), we don't actually question whether they are true or not. THEY ARE NOT TRUE!

In the movie Geek Charming (2011), a lot of the kids at Woodlands Academy think they have Dylan figured out, but guess what? They have no idea who she really is, what she's been through, or how she feels. They also don't have a clue about why she acts the way she does, or what in her life
has contributed to her behavior.

BTW: it's the same with how the popular kids in the film (and in real life) assume stuff about the so called geeks.

When we concentrate on the out:SIDEs (of others), we don't have to look at our in:SIDEs or listen to our inner GPS(elf). 

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the kids who stir up drama all around them are actually a HUGE part of the problem?

Here's an idea . . . How about we just leave others alone and focus on our own stuff? Wouldn't you appreciate it if other kids did the same for you?

It's ALL Good!

Have a beautiful day!

;) Dana

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