Monday, August 10, 2015

pEaCe iN !

hAPpY mOnDaY ffpps!

The last few days have been talking a lot about peAce, and how to calm ourselves  and become present enough to get quiet and clear . . . so we can JuSt Be . . . 

So we can get quiet and get present in a lot of ways . . . I think I've described meditating (here's another short meditation if you liked the earlier bubble one: it's a turtle meditation about getting quiet within yourself . . . like a turtle goes into it's shell!:)  

Sometimes, going inside (like a turtle) is so necessary . . . either to protect yourself  from people or situations with gross, icky energy; just to check in with yourself to refuel and get your "stuff" back together; to calm down, or to just rest. Isn't it nice to know that you can do this FOR YOURSELF whenever you want? Whew! and YAY!

I totally believe in breathing deeply, laughing, doing your passion, and spending time with children and pets! There are many ways to experience peace (and it ain't outSIDe of yOu!); PEACE is an INside job! 
Sometimes going out into nature is the best remedy for finding peace; when I want peace, I can go for a walk, look a the trees, smell the flowers, and feel the wind. Check out these amazing images from nature and super meaningful words.

Take a few minutes today to find a little piece of peace . . . 
Have an amazing, fun-filled day (and liFe!)...

pEaCe iN!
;) dana

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