Sunday, August 30, 2015

LeT TheM Be...SeT tHeM fReE!

'S up yO! 
So, yesterday we came back to the funfreeMe name, and I want to eEelaboOrate more about the free.
sO, letting others be free means leaving them alone to be their oWn fReE bad selves...(not really, but themselves . . .). which is not really our business, like where they are, or what they do... cuz if we don't like what they do, say, believe or N+E=ThiNG, we have a choice to just walk away without hating on them, cuz that's maybe not our business (however, it is possibly our business to tell them how we feel...more about that later...)
NE way, like I was telling you the other day, I have spent a lot of NRG in my days wishing people in my life would change (or want to change --FOR know, so I could feel better by being in control and get my needs met from the OUT(side): IN(side)! embarrassingly dramatic...). What I know now, is that people don't change (much) unless they want to (and not cuz I want them to . . . CRaP! and unCrAp . . .). whew...that takes the pressure off to control everyone else's destiny...thanks!

Would you ever look at like, a sunflower and expect it to grow into a rose (cuz you like roses better and that's what you want on your table?)...
and there's more (sorry . . .)
Would you ever expect a sunflower to grow faster just because you gave it more water and super duper fertilizer...and...expect it to grow into a rose, still?
How about appreciating a sunflower for its sunflowery-self and a rose for its rosy-ness?
And, if you don't like the sunflower, just walk away and choose something else (without haTinG on it)? and same with the RoSe?

Hmnnn...kinda freaky? (i personally like clover, myself!)

just sayin'-----

fLuFFy puPpies and raInBoWs and pink ponies, too!

;) dana

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  1. Love this! I find reading your blog so refreshing :)