Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's ALL GO(o)D!

Hello All--

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of the prACTice of grATTITUDE. There are so many ways we can show that we are thankful, including writing in a journal, doing a little ritual (like I did with the pinecone), praying, or taking quiet time . . .

iDeA: I especially like saying "thank you" to people who do things kind and thoughtful things for me. This could be a note, or a short conversation (BTW: this especially includes those who don't hear it very often . . . including my school janitor, the person who serves me at McDonald's, the girl at Sebastian Joe's who makes smoothies for my kids and me, my parents, and everyone else who serves me . . .!). 

Sometimes, when I say thanks, people look really, really surprised . . . like they haven't heard it much before. Yikes!  That's a total dRaG!  :0(  What if we made thanks! a regular part of our vocabulary?

Here's an amazing video from 

(of the Oprah Winfrey Network)
where folks get a chance

to people who made a big difference in their lives: 

Doesn't it feel good when someone says thank you to you?
I challenge you to make an effort to thank those around you, even for just one day! 
It's an awesome
(note the word ACT
and it feels GrEaT!

Here's what some kids who saw this video 
write about what they were grateful for!

More tomorrow . . . hope you have an amazing day!

Notice and be thankful for all the GO(0)D StuFf!


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