Monday, December 7, 2015

aLL is weLL! oN pUrPose . . .

ecard - Add Interesting Layers to your Being"thanks for everything!"
hEy pEEps!

I've been writing a lot about purpose in the past few days, and I have been inspir(it)ed to think about and get in touch with why I am here on this pLaNet. What I do know, is that right now, I am  EXACTLY where I am supposed to be, and I am being prepared with all my experiences and relationships for THE NEXT RIGHT PLACE TO BE! And, what that means is I can trust that ALL is (well, uh . . .) WELL, and all is ON (my) PURPOSE.

Knowing that, I guess there's nothing really to do. I just need to remain open, conscious, and aware of the signs around me. 

(WHEW! kind of takes the heat off 
'cuz I was thinking there was something I was supposed to figure out!)
knOw WhaT?
That also means that I can trust that other people (even those who bug me or who do and say stuff that I don't agree with!) are also ON (their own) PURPOSE.

KiNd of liKe--I'll (be) mind(ful of) my own PURPOSE, and allow others to (be) mind(ful of) their own PURPOSE. And that's totally awesome, 'cuz  I am all I can control.

gO(o)D reminder . . .
hAve an AMaZING day!

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