Thursday, December 10, 2015

TwEEt twEET . . .

We fear to trust our wings.
We plume and feather them,
but dare not throw our weight upon them.
We cling too often to the perch.
--Charles B. Newcomb

Even before it has learned to fly; a baby bird is pushed from its nest.
It will totter upon the ground, stubby wings outstretched from its body,
following the guiding cries of its parents to flap its wings and take flight.

When we were young, our wings hadn't even developed
before we began tottering through life.
We may have received little direction about how to fly.
As we grew, we may have built a nest and retreated within it,
still not knowing how to fly.
Although our wings have not been used, we can still learn to fly.
There are those who can teach us . . . 
They, too, have had to learn to fly after years of nest sitting.
It isn't easy at first. In fact, it may be quite painful and tiring.
But by trying out our wings every day, they will grow stronger and more familiar to us.
Our nest will always be there, but we won't have to visit it as often.
We'll be too busy flying and testing our wings.
I can begin to learn the freedom of flight and trust my wings.

hELLo dEaR oNes-

When I read the passage above about birds, I was reminded that we all try to fly in our own ways with the best of what we've got--but all birds are different, and they each learn to fly--in their own unique amazing and sometimes awkward birdlike manners! 
I'm beginning to understand that whenever I try to fly, I am also doing my best--even though it might be pretty darn clunky and uncoordinated at times.

Flying can be anything--trying a new behavior, practicing acceptance, communicating effectively, setting boundaries, creating intentions, or letting go and just trusting in the Universe.

I'm learning how to be kind and gentle to myself, and take baby steps as I leave my nest . . . and know there are others to guide and support me as I take flight. I am also reminded to offer the same courtesy to others as they try out their wings.

We each have our own journeys and unique destinations--I think I'll focus mostly on my own . . .

Tweet Tweet! (peacock for "lots of love")--

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