Sunday, December 6, 2015

'tis the season of FoR-GiVEness . . .

Dear fun & freeGreatOnes!

Happy almost holidays!  One thing I remember about the holiday season has to do with lottsa forgiveness. I can't remember where, but I once read that painful events, relationships, and circumstances are presented to us so that we learn the gift of forgiveness. I wasn't really buying that, at first--it just seems so, like, unfair & sort of backwards and stuff!

I believe it now. 'Cuz no matter what, we can look to life as happening TO us (victim-y: NOthing we can do!), OR, we can look at our lives as happening FOR us (Power-fUl: we are in charge of our reactions! We are Large and in Charge of our own GrowTH!).

I don't know about you, but I, personally, like the second choice, where I am in charge.

. . . which gets me back to resentment & forgiveness. Know that forgiveness is really about US, not abut the person we are forgiving. Here's why . . . we can't control whether someone forgives us, but we absolutely can control our own shedding of resentment.

. . . notice the word resentment? the gross toxic energy of resentment is actually RE-SENT (to) ME(nt). In other words, it only hurts me. (btw: note the poopy color! iSh! ).

As Deepak Chopra writes:

Holding onto resentment is like 
holding your breath 
-- only you suffocate. 
@ DeepakChopra

And, just like the picture and the quote at the top of my blog, sometimes it takes time before we are ready and willing to let go of resentment and actually forgive others. And, (I've learned this the hard way)--just 'cuz you're sorry, doesn't mean someone else wants to necessarily forgive you (in which case, the work is for yOu to forgive yOu(rself)--yo.

Grown up stuff, huh? Good thing I'm starting to learn it as a middle-aged person! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahlol!

Take care! So much love!
;0) dana dana bo-bayna, banana-fana-fo-fayna, fee-fi-foh-fayna

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