Thursday, December 24, 2015

iMaGinE iT aLL . . .!

trUst in bUtTerFlieS!

hEy aLL-
Have you ever had an animal friend keep showing up for you over and over until it gets your attention!?  Interesting (and no co-InKY-dInK) that bUttErFLieS have been showing up for me again lately.
Sometimes animals can be called totems--- Webster's Dictionary defines a totem as: "A natural object, usually an animal that serves as a distinctive, often venerated [respected] emblem or symbol, usually a means of personal or spiritual identity." 
The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and change (yiKEs! cHaNGe scary!@$@!@#$# but not really . . . remember the You-niverse catcHes uS?) 
The butterfly is also a totem of trUst . . . in yoUr gUt and yoUheart and the butterfly reminds us that we have the ability to transform in our lives; in other words, we get to change the crappy stuff that doesn't work for us anymore--like relationships, behaviors, patterns, and stories that no longer serve us and become something from our most amazing possibility and iMagInatioN! 
go(o)D news: WE GET TO CHOOSE! Will you answer the most important cALL? yOUr own? hOneStlY. . . I may have put mySelf on CaLL WaItinG for quiTe awhile waiting for mY tImE! I jUsT wasn't ready!
The only thing in life that is constant is cHaNGe! 
(English teacher need to note iRoNy, here).

takes time



that nAtUre

KnOws WhaT it'S


Anyway--we are all butterflies. Find your flight pattern!

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