Wednesday, December 9, 2015

gO tOwArd tHe LiGht . . .

Merry Christmas!

My daughter, Chloe, looked up to me the other day and said, "Did you know, Mom, there has to be darkness, or else there would be no light? You can't see the light without darkness." Even though it seems kind of obvious, the statement is profound. I mean, if it were always light, we wouldn't know it--we cannot know the essence of anything without its opposite: light and dark, good and evil, joy and pain. It's a good reminder to me when things feel hard, or when life gets difficult--without the tough stuff, we cannot know the beauty and goodness.

Especially at this time of year, when many of us are looking into the New Year with hope, and shedding old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us--we can look at our past trials and tribulations through the eyes of love and forgiveness. We can learn our lessons,  make our amends as needed, and we can move toward the light into the New Year with a fresh start.

We have to finally reach a point where we break free from our past and step into forgiving and loving ourselves. After all, we have to LOVE oUrSelves b4 we can love and give to others, right? 

When I look at this amazing picture, I can see that it's pretty dang dark! and cloudy, too (SPOOKY!) almost like a storm has just passed . . . 
Oh, and here's the Go(o)d news: in this picture, the sun is right ahead, reaching down with her amazing sun-ray-beams (made up word) of light . . . and  I can see the light ahead! and (extra bonus!) . . . I can actually SEE the road (metaphor: my path). yAy! I'm not always sure where the road leads, but at least I can see a few feet in front of me . . . and at least I am going toward the light--thanks Universe!

One thing I do at this time of year is make a list of stuff I need to let go of, behaviors that no longer work, and relationships that do not support my highest good. I also journal about what I intend to call in to my life in the New Year--these intentions become a roadmap for me that I can use as a reference point in the months ahead.

What ritual do you use to  begin the New Year? Leave us a comment and give us your best tip!

Blessings on Your Journey!

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