Tuesday, January 26, 2016

FeAr . . . nOt!

“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity?
Our attitude toward it. 
Every opportunity has a difficulty,
and every difficulty has an opportunity.” 
―J. Sidlow Baxter
Dear Fun & Free People-

One day a few years back I wrote about how my bestie helped me shed light on a shadowy & fearful spot in my life: my finances. As my bestie told me, "It ain't gonna get better until you go to the doctor." In other words, living in the place of fear doesn't make the challenge go away. If there's a pink elephant in the room, there's a pink elephant in the room--even if nobody acknowledges it, right?

Let's just say that I have been breathing a bit more easily in the past 24 hours.

I learned some of important things from this experience:
  • my fear itself was much scarier than the actual thing I was feeling fearful about: money. Money, after all, is simply an exchange of energy (kind of like food, huh?).
  • I have people in my life who can scaffold and support me through my fears, just like my friend who has expertise about finances can teach me a lot of great stuff.
  • I have people in my life whom I can scaffold and support through their fears with stuff I have expertise about . . . funny how that works!
  • Once I face a fear, I have courage to move forward and face another one.
Even though my mentor as been talking about this fact for years, I never really got it until it was demonstrated to me yesterday through my own experience. I guess that's how we human beings learn, through experience. And if we rob ourselves of moving through the experience of fear out the other side, we never learn that stuff just ain't that scary.

So here's the other surprising lesson: 

FEAR can point us to what we MUST do next.
FEAR is a gift.
FEAR is a pink elephant with angel's wings!
(repeat image in mind)

There are some more fears that I MUST face in the coming weeks, and I've been scared in advance, but I know the Universe is aligning to prepare me for the next set of fears I must face, especially after looking at my financial situation in the FACE.

I say BRING IT ON ( . . . almost . . . still need to breathe a bit, first!) 
How can you face your fears and come out the other side? Let me know in the comments!

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