Thursday, January 14, 2016

yOu R a huMan BEing! nOt a huMan DOing!

hEy ffPeepLe!
Ur day is gonna BE amazing! I have written a bit about cocooning, and how necessary it is for me to have quiet, alone time to gather myself together (and how sometimes others don't really get that about me . . . but that's still okay ;).
The thing about cocooning (it's a verb, right?!) is that it's an important part of getting in toUch with yoUr heart and yoUr gUt . . . aka yoUr inner GPS(elf). If we don't get qUiet and listen to oUrs(elves), we can't get the info. we need aboUt what's right for Us. 
Guess what? Too often, we live from the ouTside:iN trying to look like we are so super busy 'cuz we think we'll get all that EXTRA CREDIT for our bUsiness . . . or, as long as we're doing stuff, we're good enough 'cuz t least we're in mOtIoN.
I've noticed this a lot with parents who OVER program their kids from morning to night. Can you relate? I used to think that I was a better mom if my kids were in constant motion, moving from activity to activity . . . being ACTive and ACTive.
At the end of the day, my kids did not appreciate having NO DOWN time, and ended up MELTING DOWN to create their own DOWN time.
I've also done this to myself throughout my life. SOmetimes, I have acted super busy to hide the fact that I'm actually doing nO-tHiNg 'cuz I'm tired, or sad, or just wanting alone time! 
For some reason, our culture tells us that if we are busy, we are okay, and that if we nap, relax, read a book, or just chillax, we ARE LAZY! What's up with that? Do you buy in to that?
What about the fact that we are on this planet to enJOY ourselves? (note the "JOY" in enJOY!). 
Anyway, just sayin' (as usual...) Here's an old school song about enJOYing yoUrself!

Hope U all have breakfast in bed 2-morrow!
Love U lots!
;) dana

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